Tips for work-life & life balance

Living life in balance is not easy in today’s modern world. If you have listened to the video on the ‘About’ page here, you will know some of the reasons why this is so difficult. This blog considering the impact that Brexit will have on work-life balance is also an interesting read. Once the working time directives are reduced the long hours work culture in the UK will increase even more; and we already have high stress levels and underperform in comparison to our EU cousins. Interesting times in terms of work-life balance beckon.

You might also find the blog here interesting and this POWTOON which is a visual overview of the ideas shared. To view it please click on the image below

In the presentation below you will find more discussion on these ideas and lots more tips for living your life in a more balanced and meaningful way. I hope you find it useful. All the material in the presentation is taken from:  Clouston TJ. 2015. Challenging stress burnout and rust-out: Finding balance in busy lives. London: Jessica Kingsley.

If you would like to use the material please cite the website: Clouston TJ. 2018. Tips for work-life & life balance. Available online at ‎

Thank you.  I hope you enjoy the presentation. Please click on the image below and scroll upwards. Feel free to contact me with comments or requests for workshops or presentations.

Strategies for finding balance in busy lives

Remember do contact me if you want more information or feel free to leave feedback if you have any thoughts or comments.  Use the hashtags #livinglifeinbalance and #shipoflife  on twitter. My handle is @Drteenaclouston

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