Time & Meaning

On this page I link to blogs and pages that explore the concept of time, how we spend it and how we prioritise it.

It is interesting to think that how we use time could underpin wellbeing; it is also interesting to know that time use is diverse in different countries; because that raises the questions as to why. This blog, written when my Challenging stress, burnout and rust-out book was published, describes how neoliberal time (time concepts in modern western life), relational time (family and networks) and meaningful time (time spent in reflective or aesthetic pursuits, developing the self or in nature) impacts on one’s sense of meaning in life.  Building on these concepts this blog explores the concept of how time use has changed, particularly in neoliberal concepts of time, losing its essence of wellbeing and meaning to be replaced by a drive for performaty.  Drawing examples from allegorical concepts of time, I explore my  own Welsh roots and its link to the the Celtic cycle of the year; I also consider the Greek mythos of  Cronus (chronological time) and Horai and Kairos time to consider how time has lost the notion of be used or  for wellbeing, meaning in life or to sustain ecology.

Several of my papers at conferences are based around time use in terms meaning and performance. If you’d like to take a look there are a selection here. Please reference the webpages if you use the materials.

I also have a blog here written following delivering a paper in Japan which offered some interesting insights into different concepts of time use in terms of paid work in diverse cultural constructs.

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