Stress, Anxiety & Wellbeing

On this page I just direct you to the blogs and pages that I have written that cover stress and anxiety on my webpages.  There are a few notable links. Here you will find a blog on exam stress and anxiety explaining what it is, why you might suffer from it, and offering some thoughts on how you can address it.  There are some simple but effective techniques that can help you tackle this if you suffer from it.

Here you will find a blog on thinking positively. It explains what negative thoughts are and how they are linked to anxiety and stress; it also describes how you can learn to recognise negative thinking and offers lots of practical examples to help you to take back some sense of control over negative thoughts.

Another interesting blog explores the concept of post traumatic stress, burnout and the spiritual crises of care in health and social care settings. Written pre the covid pandemic, it’s worrying to think how stressed the staff must feel  now.

Please also look at the mindfulness page on the web site here for more ideas, thoughts and practical techniques.

Thank you for for visiting my website and reading the blogs. I hope you find them of some use.

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