Conference presentations

On this page you will find a links to a selection of papers presented in conferences.

Paper: Neoliberalism and its transitional impact on impact on everyday occupations, wellbeing & meaning in life.

Paper presented at the 5th Occupational Science Europe (OSE) conference, Amsterdam in August 2019. You can find the presentation here.

Poster: Tales from the coalface:The search for meaning & occupational balance in life in the performance driven world of neoliberal capitalism.

Poster presented at the World Federation of Occupational Therapists Congress, Cape Town, South Africa. You can find an image of the poster and text here

Paper: Dance with the devil: Finding subjective meaning in the use of time in neoliberal economies

This paper was presented at the Occupational Science Europe Conference 2017Meeting in Diversity – Occupation as a Common Ground; 4th International Occupational Science conference; 8 – 9 September 2017. You can find the paper here also find the accepted abstract here.

Paper: Worked out and still wanting: Finding balance in busy lives

This paper was presented at  the Occupational science conference: Occupational therapists owning occupation; Plymouth University, Plymouth UK. 8-9th September 2011. You can link to it here.

Worked out and still wanting Paper presented at the International Occupational Science Conference: Occupational Therapists Owning Occupation, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, Sept 2011.

Paper: Knowledge of our forefathers

This paper was presented at the 16th World Federation of Occupational Therapists Congress in Japan in 2014. You can link to it here:


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