Work addiction…a growing problem in the neoliberal workplace

My article in the Conversation this week looking at the growing problem of work addiction in the neoliberal world. It really is time to address this and turn away from strategies pushing work intensification and individualism in the workplace. These provide the perfect environment to grow work addiction and the outcome is not good for mental health or for productivity in the workplace. Healthy, supportive workplaces can be a reality and not just a panacea. Let’s look at a positive work-life balance, support healthy working patterns e.g. send people home at end of working day; do not support or encourage working outside of working hours; kill off cultures of performance and presenteeism and lets create a place focused on building self esteem, encouraging satisfaction and fulfilment, sharing responsibilities rather than ascribing blame, and look for a more meaningful and integrated approach to everyday life. Work is only one a part of a balanced and meaningful life, it so let’s keep it in perspective. That way we can and will all keep afloat:

The Ship of Life

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