The ‘new’ work-life balance: Wellbeing, effectiveness & resilience in diverse ways of working in uncertain times

I was very pleased to be asked to do a live webinar in Cardiff University’s online summer school in June 2020 #covid-19. Cardiff University CPD unit have kindly uploaded it onto youtube. I had quite a large audience and had some really positive feedback so take a look and see what you think. I haven’t had the heart to listen back to it myself – it was live!!!! But apparently people really enjoyed it and found it useful for managing work and life balance in #Covid-19 times. I hope you find it helpful too…and ignore the slip ups…it was live after all!!

Please feel free to share to all generally or to anyone who you think may find it useful. It was really appreciated by those who attended. Click here or on the  image below to access it.

You can find more of my work on my living life in balance website here or you can follow me on Twitter @TeenaClouston #livinglifeinbalance #shipoflife #Covid-19



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